Our Solution

HYPERION provides Command staff with the functionalities required to support the management of all types of crisis. It is based on well known crisis management frameworks such as ICS (Incident Command System) and JESIP (Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles).

HYPERION allows to share the Common Operational Picture (COP) of crisis situations among all services at tactical, operational and strategical levels. It provides an effective and efficient collaboration, based on tasks and response plans which can be monitored in real time. HYPERION has an integrated risk share based approach, due to data collection from all types of sources (IoT, drone, CCTV) and intelligent analysis.


Multi-Agency Coordination & Planning

The Organisational Chart is used to define response teams and agencies. The Joint Operation Planning allows the effective coordination of personnel and services at Tactical, Operational or Strategic levels.

Shared Situation Awareness

2D and 3D mapping with personnel, resources and risk information are shared in real-time. In addition, a timeline represents the activity.

Risk Management

The integrated risk analysis system allows «commanders» to quickly understand the range of issues they face. The risk form can be completed at any time and expanded with new information and associated counter mesures.

Streaming & Communication & Reporting

HYPERION enables effective and robust communication between personnel and services. Situation Report and streaming video (CCTV, Drone, etc.) are shared in real time.

Operational Assurance

All data of an incident are kept with their effective date. An historical module allows to view the context of an incident at any given time.


An integrated approach at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical level : The cloud based or distributed and resilient architecture implicitly builds a crisis management network throughout the territory. The crisis room has all the tools to effectively manage major crises. At the Tactical level, the CrisisBox is equipped with a satellite link and wifi. The CrisisBox or tablet device contains all the functionalities of an operational management on the incident site.

About us

Founded in 1985, SYSTEL is now the leader in the systems and telecommunications market, particularly for Fire & Rescue Services. Systel SA provides technology expertise and constant innovation to the civil security sector. In direct contact with the field, our products meet both the operational technical requirements of the Civil Security forces while emphasising simplicity of operation. Systel provides consulting, technological surveillance, evolution and overall monitoring of your information system as well as the constant training of men and women who ensure daily civilian security missions. Systel now equips nearly half of the Fire & Rescue Services in metropolitan France and overseas territories.


Systel offers a wide range of software and products that enable Fire & Rescue, emergency medical and civil security services to optimise their alert processing and manage their transmission networks.


Systel offers tools that integrate mapping data creation, geographical and radiolocation information systems, from forecasting to operational services.


Systel platforms provide a full package of engineering and technology tools to manage emergency calls and crisis situations, and to secure available resources.


Dynamic Management of Crises and Major Risks - GeDyCRisM - research work to develop a crisis management software of the FEDER/FSE Operational Programme 2014-2020