“SDIS 51” (Fire & Rescue Service of Marne) testifies to the project of deployment of the embedded terminals L.E.G.O.

Message from Adeline Fages – Mobility Project Manager at the Fire & Rescue Service of Marne

” The L.E.G.O solution proposed by SYSTEL enables the Fire & Rescue Service to deploy the command and control solution in mobile operational appliances. Accompanied by the Project Manager of Systel, we were able to deploy 90 tablets in the Marne territory in a few months. The application, constantly improved, tends to meet the needs and constraints of the field. Today, the operational tablets are used for emergency response to people, fire and road rescue thanks to the various tools integrated into the L.E.G.O.” application.”

Testimonial of the Fire and Rescue Service of Les Landes (SDIS 40) to the deployment of our web operational mapping, Geoweb

Note from Lieutenant-Colonel Jean-Marc ANTONINI

« GEOWEB solutions provided by SYSTEL allow the sharing of information between all actors in the response chain. Integrated into the command & control system and accessible via the secure network of the Fire & Rescue Service, they improve decision-making. The visualisation in space of operational resources, both human and material, facilitates anticipation for a more powerful and a more efficient reactivity »