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During the implementation of a mobilisation system or its development, our aim is to offer our customers real solutions. We present ourselves as our customers’ unique partner to evaluate the expected functional response.

The « Projects » unit

This unit, composed of engineers and designers, deals with the whole « customer project » from the needs assessment phase and drafting the specifications to its implementation. Our experts who are responsible for projects in progress have also a key role in the projects coordination. They are the main communicators to our customers for the whole duration of the project.

A technical support unit made of engineers specialised in products and technology assists other engineers on projects.

They are in charge of the preparation, and distribution of technical files. These project managers have a solid knowledge of all mobilisation systems in the IT and radiocommunications domains like the telephony, electrical engineering etc …

For specific requirements, they have the ability to call development engineers or external consultants to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible.

Products and applications department

This department which consists of engineers and product developers has the objective to improve and develop our products. People with a high level of training are also responsible for responding to specific needs generated by the business expertise of our customers and create relevant functionalities.

Customer care service

All of our technicians/engineers are not only qualified but they also have an excellent knowledge of our products and great field experience. Moreover they are H0V qualified and able to work at heights.

For each project, an assigned site manager works closely with the project manager and relevant services for the implementation and deployment of the system.

This units also manages a call centre available 24/7.