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Risk and Crisis Management

Risk and Crisis

Find out what is going on in order to know what to do, the situational awareness.

More frequent climatic or industrial disasters, terrosrism or social chaos are complex domains that are outside of the conventional framework. Systel offers its new modelling tools for major risks that are interoperable with other territorial and national agencies. These crisis management tools are adapted to address these new challenges.

Perception Understanding Prediction Action

Building Systel Big Data with an important convergence of data allows to retrieve information coming from sensors, public and private data or social networks. All these elements will enrich our risk and crisis management plateform in order to provide territorial or governmental agencies with decision making tools.

Crisis Management


Intelligent infrastructure based on knowledge and specialised in:

  • Risk and Crisis Management
    • Situational awareness (perception, understanding and projection)
    • Decision making
    • Command & Control
    • Communication and dissemination
    • Common operational picture
    • Etc.
  • Active monitoring of risks (disasters, anti-terrorism)
    • Monitoring and analysis of networks (social, administrative, etc.)
    • Monitoring and acquisition of data (sensors, databases, etc.)
    • Multimodal and collaborative evaluation of risks (mapping, etc.)
  • Log and restitution of all knowledge for training and simulation (memory of risks and crisis)
  • Human aspects taken into account ie human arbitrage and decisions
  • Integration of crisis management methodologies


The CrisisBox is a tactical, portable and autonomous crisis management tool dedicated to prefectures, town halls, public and private institutions and critical operational infrastructures (C.O.I).

The deployment of CrisisBoxes over the territory creates a collaborative and resilient crisis management network.

“Referred to as « the Swiss army knife » for prefectures, town halls, public or private institutions, the CrisisBox provides great help within the decision making process.