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Operational management

START, decision support solution

START allows operators to be constantly aware of all resource availability to better respond to rescue needs. With our performing application, it allows your organisation to intervene as quickly as possible.

START responds to all functionalities useful to process and manage all emergency calls:

  • Call handling with callers identification
  • Integrated mapping management
  • Constant actions management
  • Deferred and live incidents
  • Incidents reports processing /editing
  • Activity history log
  • Internal and external publications/communications management
  • Advanced decision support analysis

Thanks to advanced functionalities, START allows easier emergency call handling using an automatic information summary. The integrated mapping interface enables customers to evaluate the activity precisely and adapt mobilised resources accordingly.

START transmits the call information to the relevant emergency centre, personnel and partner agencies. The operators are able to view the live incident as well as the mobilised resources.

Our Link to other optional modules allows real personalised solutions:

  • “iCome”, or how to project the operational management on mobile solutions.
  • Interactive decision support tools so as not forget to ask the relevant questions.
  • An organisation wide alarm system for a secure mobilisation

The alert mapping

To complete its alert system interface, SYSTEL has developed an ergonomic mapping environment to improve organisational needs.

Totally synchronised with our START database, the operational mapping allows the operators and supervisors to locate the caller immediately, follow up the incident while modifying the mobilised resources status. It also offers the decision support concept based on a dynamic routing calculation of the appliances location while navigating …

Moreover, thematic maps and log functions are made available to decision makers in order to analyse the data.