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Speech management

IRIS VoIP analogique numérique

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The IRIS network manager can communicate with its mobiles on both analog and digital networks (TETRAPOL/TETRA).

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a technique that allows communication by voice (or via multimedia streams: audio and /or video) on compatible IP networks whatever the network (private or internet, landline).

The term « VoIP » is generally used to describe communications « private call » (point to point). To broadcast the sound or videos in multipoints over IP, we talk about « streaming » for a simple broadcast like Web radios for example. The term « multipoints » is used for videoconferences when the participants number is greater than two.

The voice flow over IP is quite complex. The first step is to scan the acoustic signal ie the coding. The information is cut in a way it can circulate on an IT network. Several protocols can then be used to send the information to the recipients.

SYSTEL’s new IRIS technology is based on a broadcast of the voice by IP. The radio channels acquisition is then done by analog or digital management units (industrial PC type under Windows XP). Because of a single network access to those registered to the IRIS network management, no more analog landline liaising is required. You can change the location of a workstation easily as its identification is done by its IP address.

A PC equipped with windows is transformed into a registered device through a PILOT-TEN (SYSTEL’s microphone) which is linked to a USB key.

IRIS was developed based on telephony standard over IP with a view of evolution and standardisation. The standard used H323 is a derived H320 standard (ISDN Integrated Services Data Network) but for the IP network. Our system enables:

  • the management of several simultaneous communications
  • the management of specific signalling to analog radio networks
  • the management of specific signalling to the digital radio network
  • Same audio flow diffusion towards nearby workstations without cacophony
  • Each radio channel or communication is considered like a conference room. The PILOT-TEN (s) and one or several radio channels can listen or speak in this conference room according to a controlled arbitration.