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Audit & Conseil Systel

SYSTEL offers invaluable skills to evaluate working methods and organisational structures in the following sectors : electronics, IT and alert systems for Fire and Rescue Services.

Audit: the different steps

  • Customer’s structures analysis
  • From the first contact, SYSTEL produces a detailed analysis of the customer’s structures based on documents and interviews.
    This analysis is formalised in a progress report presented and discussed with the customer.

Recommendations implementation

  • From the progress report, with the agreement of the customer, SYSTEL implements the chosen recommendations using its own observation/monitoring and analysis techniques.
  • Any discrepencies between the analysis process and the predefined recommendations will be reported back to the customer.

Preliminary report, recommendations and action plan

  • SYSTEL produces a preliminary report reviewed by the customer.
  • The recommendations which are temporary during the investigation phase become permanent at the end of the joint analysis.
  • An implementation, recommendations action plan and a follow-up plan are establised by SYSTEL and the customer.
  • Actions carried out by our specialists are observed by the customer and included in the final report.

Final report and follow-up

  • The final report is given to the audit committee and the customer but all or one part of the report can be given to a greater audience with the audit committee’s approval.
  • All or some of the recommendations are approved by audit committee decision.
  • SYSTEL makes sure that all approved recommendations are implemented.


Our approach is based on a constant technological innovation and over 20 years of experience alongside public safety services.

We ensure a coherent management of the consultation because of our capacity to select and put forward our field engineers in several skills areas.
According to specific requests or particular issues, we scan our networks to find the relevant engineer that is able to respond exactly to a specific quality criteria.

Our services

  • SYSTEL offers its customers who invest in a new project the use of cutting edge technologies by monitoring and analysing the existing process on one or several specific projects.
  • Field engineers coordination : the incident diversity requires precise coordination.
  • SYSTEL helps Local Authorities and Public Safety Services in their needs to sustain projects after completion. To do this, SYSTEL offers specific skills to maximise system efficiency and operation.